Injury/Illness Prevention Consultancy

Fitworks Health is passionate about preventing injuries and illnesses from occurring so everyone can return home from work in the best condition possible. Guidance for workers and employers is vital to understand the injury and illness risks within their business and how to mitigate these. 

Presenteeism, absenteeism and injury claim significantly affect business, mainly small businesses, due to limited staff, costs and difficulty recruiting staff etc. Stress, bullying, slips, trips and falls, poor posture, poor ergonomics and poor health management among other factors, can all lead to an increase in illness and injury.

Knowledge gained through our customised workshops assists workers and employers to self-manage their own health and wellbeing, therefore increasing overall productivity in their lives and their work. 

We can optimise your business as a result of improved staff productivity and decreased absenteeism through sickness and injury.  In the current landscape staff retention is vital and by providing workshops for staff to improve workplace health and wellbeing you can add value to your business and reputation!

Services we can provide include:

  • Manual handling training
  • Wellness programmes
  • Health promotion initiatives
  • Stress/fatigue management
  • Shift work workshops
  • Resilience workshops
  • Motivational speakers – conferences/workshops
  • Mindfulness sessions
  • Additional customised workshops