About Us

Fitworks Health has over 20 years’ experience working with all industries; farming, forestry, manufacturing, retail, finance etc.  We have worked alongside third parties, other likeminded companies, and individuals to improve work experiences, prevent injuries from occurring, improving production and performance and ensuring recover following a health diagnosis or an injury is supported and achieved.

A healthy and resilient workforce is a vital area that Fitworks Health is passionate about as this contributes to a well-balanced life.  Businesses also benefit with a decrease in presenteeism and absenteeism of workers and improved staff retention and overall productivity. The ergonomic set-up within a workplace or home is another focus for Fitworks Health as correct set-up of workstations decreases the pressure placed on joints and muscle groups which contribute to physical stressors. 

Sarah Donaldson (Director) is a qualified occupational therapist having graduated from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in Auckland over 20 years ago. Her first degree was in Sports Science, achieved whilst on a swimming scholarship in America.

Sarah has specialised in brain injury, workplace rehabilitation, injury prevention and wellness. Empowering people to be healthy individuals is a key goal as this contributes to injury and disease prevention and allows people to enjoy what their passions are in life.