Injury and Illness Management

Prompt management of illness and injuries lead to better outcomes and decreases the risk of secondary psychological and physical injuries. We work with individuals to manage their injury and illness journey and assist them to develop and achieve their rehabilitation goals.

We work with businesses to oversee the management of their staff with discomfort, illness and injury. This service provides expert advice to ensure staff can continue in their roles if possible or return to their role within companies.

Research has shown early reporting of injuries and illnesses is vital to ensure the best outcomes and a sustainable return to work. Support your staff by matching their skill set to the job description, providing correct induction/education in relation to health and safety, ensure early reporting of injuries and illnesses, providing health initiatives and illness/injury rehabilitation options.

We link with local and national services and industry professionals to provide tailored advice and support, specific to your workplace needs.

Services we can provide include:

  • Injury and illness case management
  • Early intervention discomfort assessments
  • Workplace assessments – injury and illnesses
  • Development and guidance towards return-to-work programs for work related and non-work related injury and illness